Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Longetivity of Jewel Tones

The longevity of jewel tones completely mystifies me. How have they managed to claim a royal seat for the past 5 seasons? Jewel tones actually made a sneaky comeback through colorists and trend forecasting publications. The information that is handed off to designers, creative directors and stylists can make any identical color scheme seem like you are staring at two opposing forces ready for battle. How does this happen? Through something called a themed layout. For example Spring 2008 headlines boasted "Jewel Tones", Fall 2008 proclaimed "80's Chic" and Spring 2009 flaunted "Candy Tones". In terms of the intellectual fashionista those three color schemes are the product of an evolving palette. However, the bottom line in fashion is not runway nor couture, it's what you find on people whether it's Nordstrom, Dillard's, H&M or Dress Barn. And the bottom line in this inventive palette is one pure color scheme of emeralds that translates into an unchanging 5 seasons. So in reality is it the economy that is slowly sufficating the fashion industry or is it just pure laziness of the colorist?

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