Monday, March 30, 2009

How To Take Advantage of The Sales Era

In an era of no excess we are experiencing exorbitance given at a cheaper price. We have actually entered into a “sales” age where almost anything can be purchased for half the price. Gilt Group, a leader in high fashion sales has made this economy more bearable for the fashionista. The number one observation is, “wow this is a great pair of Valentino boots 50% off but will I actually wear them next year?” This post is for those of you who need a bit of direction in how to take advantage of this fabulous season of sales.

Save yourself a trip to Sephora and about $100 on the latest wrinkle cream because your stress of the fringe fetish can now halt. Make sure to save that $700 splurge on those Louboutin fringe boots (+ the $100 on the anti-wrinkle cream) and put that toward a pair of sexy high boots and a pair of casual ankle boots. Both of these trendy boots can accommodate your super skinny jeans and a strong feminine blazer for the remainder of 2009. If you haven’t purchased the perfect blazer, make sure to start shopping because it will be your go-to piece till Spring 2010. Hold tight to all those jewel tones you purchased last summer because they are here for a couple more seasons. Make sure to invest in all sorts of nudes, my favorite is the crocodile skin nudes because it is the perfect combination of two hot trends for Spring, Summer and Fall 2009. Never fear, for us girly girls, we can definitely look forward to a year filled with tiers, florals and feminine one-shoulder dresses. One last piece of advice as you’re scanning and Daily Candy is metallics and plums are sure to sum up your year of 2009.

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