Friday, March 13, 2009

Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau describes the foundation for his unique design perspective, “’The basis of my work is always the same,’ explains Taminiau. ‘I am continually translating the asymmetrical mirror of life. Everything I undertake in daily life, I place in my own context. This is reflected in my 2D/3D concept and my love of technique and craftsmanship.’” (100 New Fashion Designers, pg 179.) Taminiau is an intelligent designer who embraces his own lens of life. He comes from a family heritage of antique dealers and interior decorators. The work he releases is refined, elegant and rooted in a romantic feminine form. He is inspired by documentaries, museums, books and ancient textiles. When designing, Taminiau starts out with a two-dimensional textile swatch and he then breathes life into the fabric creating a three-dimensional genesis that evokes the feminine creation. Taminiau is constantly experimenting with obsolete techniques and trying to adapt and produce new means for design. Jan Taminiau was chosen as an elite top new designer because he is so much more than a designer, he is an entrepreneur, an inventor, Jan Taminiau is truly a creator.

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