Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lens in Which The Muse is Perceived

One of the most ancient design concepts has slowly evolved into being the foundation for all collections. Before a designer approaches the writing board they have an inspiration, an influence. There can be many influences however in most cases there is anywhere from one to three dominant ideas. The last influence a designer would disclose as a dominate ingredient to the collection would be him/herself, however they are always the strongest influence. The concept(s) that are visually apparent in the line are what we see, but the execution of the concept(s) are the designers perspective. For example, Dolce & Gabanna’s plaid is drastically different than Ralph Lauren’s plaid because of the differences in their outlook on the influence. Lauren took the Western influence to produce his fall 2008 ready-to-wear collection, while Stefano Gabbana used traditional Scotland textiles to produce D&G’s Fall 2008 ready-to-wear. Both designers executed visually similar concepts but delivered two independent collections. Lauren and Stefano’s perspective on plaid was an absolute necessity to each ready-to-wear collection.

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