Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Zeitgeist

This week will be an ode to a new design era--a new zeitgeist. Cognitive Couture will be featuring four new designers that know no rules nor boundaries. They belong to a culture of designers that are the back bone of the fashion industry, yet their names have never been found in a single rap song. They are the living envy of the master labels behind every catwalk because they are not limited by revenue, nor the next season. This generation is not defined by a design cycle or a manufacturing quota. Rather they define themselves as a new awakening; they bring a fresh eagerness to present a unique and personal philosophy to the industry. This new design zeitgeist aim for a signature style, where household labels and design houses are always so wrapped up by the next season. Big business and investors are not apart of creating their collection, rather they seek out inspirations from fine arts, science and social behavior. This new design era suggests modern concepts and are able to tap into a customers appetite for alternatives in fashion. They are the reinterpretation of contemporary clothing. They are the envy of every major designer.

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