Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Trends: The Great Escape

We have officially hit the Spring season and are ready to start busting out the trends for Spring/Summer 2009! In fashion circles there is always so much talk about what’s to come for the following year that it seems like we can hardly ever truly enjoy the trends we’re living in now. This week’s post will answer the rare question of what’s now, rather than what’s to come. There are so many fabulously diverse trends happening because there are indefinite varying affairs going on in the world today. The coverage of this season alone almost seems a daunting task because there are so many influences and outlets of the Spring/Summer 09 season.

Today we will start Spring/Summer 2009 off with such a dynamic theme, “The Great Escape”. It is a category filled with bold African and Asian influenced patterns, safari suits and western accessories. The main influence of The Great Escape is the outlet of globalization. Designers toyed with patterns, silhouettes and influences of varying cultures around the world. They were able to produce beautifully eccentric collections which truly evoked a great escape. The main giants of this trend are Basso & Brooke, Alexander McQueen, Dior by John Galliano and Louis Vuitton.

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