Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion"

The Costume Institute Gala was the official fashion event of the season. Co-chairs of the event included Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and Justin Timberlake. The Metropolitan Museum was absolutely packed out with the biggest stars known to fashion and entertainment.

No worries if you missed the Grammy's, Oscars or Emmy's because the MET steps had the most glamorous red carpet of 2009. The night was a tribute to the super model and all that is beautiful. The event kicked off with the best fashions and well, maybe the worst of the season.

The designs of choice by half the guest list included Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Versace. It was a night for designers to have their muses dressed to the nines in their best creations. To kick off the best dressed list Versace (Atelier) dressed my top three: Jessica Biel, Gisele B√ľndchen and Blake Lively. The worst of the night included Madonna, Diane Kruger and Shalom Harlow. Rachel Bilson, Elizabeth Hurley and Leighton Meester get the "Wrong Look" award.

Overall, the night was an absolute hit and despite the economy the fashion industry finally got to let loose and ignore all that is looming in the air.


  1. i have to disagree! i think diane kruger looked pretty good- it was a cute dress, there was just no glamour. and i thought blake lively looked incredibly tacky. and i'd put leighton meester past wrong look into what the hell were you thinking with those leggings...

    any thoughts on rhianna?

  2. Bari, I love your thoughts! Diane looked great in general, she just didn't get the right look for the event. I thought Blake Lively looked really sexy, I had no idea Versace dressed my favorite looks till I was piecing all the photos together. I was shocked by what Leighton Meester showed up in?! She always looks so perfectly dressed for every event...maybe she just wanted to show one of the co-chairs (ahem Marc Jacobs) a little Louie love--who can blame her for that? Rhianna hit a grand slam with executing her look, however I just wasn't that into the masculine look when the night was all about models as muses. Jacobs wanted the evening to be more of a short sexy clubby vibe, "I have been trying to encourage anyone we know to wear short, it's kind of young and kind of clubby."